Calvin Seerveld
Senior Member Philosophical Aesthetics, emeritus, Institute of Christian Studies, Toronto
Past co-chair of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics

Calvin Seerveld has said the following about Benjamin's style:

"...bright gaiety and humour combined with an ethereal seriousness. Like the unusual world of One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Marquez), the paintings hold together, as natural, the most outlandish realities. Bold naiveté of forms and colours, stories of mysteries and conflict, trouble and healing - with a difference: friendly, zany, readable, provoking the viewer to look again... a wholesome pleasure in the grit of life.  Zak Benjamin deserves our happy attention. His work will enrich our imaginitive lives"

Seerveld's books, together with those of Rookmaker, have been profoundly helpful to Christian artists in their struggle to make contemporary art. Find Calvin Seerveld's new books here.